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New Federalist Media was founded with the belief that despite our differences, despite our past mistakes, that the United States is just a place while The Republic; the true heart and soul of our nation, is its people. Our CEO is a Republican - in that he believes in the virtues of our republic as displayed by Abraham Lincoln and his fellows. He is also a Democrat - in that he feels that Franklin Roosevelt's social and economic programs were wholly beneficial to Americans. As the descendant of runaway Irish indentured servants and Italian immigrants, a veteran of the United States Army, and a transplant from Southern New England, our CEO brings a curiously refreshing, if not at times annoyingly circumspect opinion on political and historical matters. Using everything from Dungeons & Dragon's dice, to white boards, Minecraft modeling, and anything he gets his hands on, our CEO loves connecting with the people who are impacted by the stories and has stated that while he would love to have the numbers and money that the big corporations have, he would rather be broke and cover the story than push negative character attacks and clickbait for likes. We are a people focused business.

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CEO & Lead Writer

Tim Ireland, our illustrious CEO, was born and raised in southern New England. The son of an Irish Protestant Republican father and an Italian Catholic Democrat mother, Tim found his own opinions and ways of thinking about public service well before he had left home. As a veteran of the United States Army, Tim was able to see a different, not often talked about part of humanity. As a History major, with a Poli-Sci minor, Tim is an ardent supporter of continuing education. Using a nuanced view, and a New York attitude, Tim tries to bring that insight to the NFM family.



Producer & Commentator

Jamie, wife of our CEO, and semi-willing participant, comes from Minnesota. When she's not asking questions about news or politics, Jamie enjoys spending time with her children, enjoying the outdoors, and hearing about the stories of people and their experiences.

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